5 Reasons Architecture Firms Should Invest in Wide Format Printers


The business of architecture is unique in many regards. The combination of concept design, engineering, and science that goes into the craft, plus the demands of investors and developers who do not necessarily understand what architects do, can be a challenge. As client expectations, markets, and technology change- you need modern printing equipment that serves your needs, keeping you ahead of the competition, and keeping everyone on the same page. As the cost of your business process increases, you will require a printer that delivers a high volume of high-quality printing reliably.

Today’s standard business printer is not up to the task of meeting the needs of a modern architectural firm. A wide format printer is an ideal choice for architectural printing projects. These printers meet the requirements of CAD and can produce banners, signs, legal documents and more.

Recent innovations in wide format printing enable you to produce ultra-high-quality images; clear and sharp renderings that will satisfy your clients and save you money.


Paying for someone else to design and print up marketing banners can be very frustrating. No one understands your brand as well as you. Having the ability to print your own marketing materials will save you enormous amounts of time and headache. A wide format printer can render large banners and posters in high-quality color and detail suitable for trade shows and events. You’ll have the ability to make changes without having to place orders, oversee the design process remotely, deal with numerous drafts, or wait for delivery times.


Taking care of your printing needs in-house is more efficient and less expensive. Modern wide format printers are easy to use, can print materials in a timely fashion and can transmit documents electronically. Because CAD projects require larger images than ordinary office paper can accommodate, using an ordinary printer means printing out multiple sheets for a single document. These can be difficult to organize and use, pieces can get lost, and working with these patchwork printouts on site can be a hassle. Wide format printers create images of large plans on one large sheet of paper.


Today’s wide format printers are a standby for professional printers and can tolerate frequent heavy use. Printing professionals often run these machines on a 24 hours basis. High volume capabilities like that will give your company the power to deliver large, high-quality images on demand with little worry. Commissioning a printing service takes valuable time and energy away from other important tasks, especially when you consider the fact that new wide format printers deliver a product that is just as good, if not better, than what you get from your local print shop. You’ll save time doing your printing in the house with no need to coordinate with a printer saving time, money and effort.

Financial Incentives

Making a one-time purchase of a wide format printer is far more cost effective in the long run than depending on a printing service or using smaller printers that aren’t up to the task. Tracking accounts payable to your printing company takes time for your accounting department and added interest and carrying charges mount up over time. There is also a capital expenditure tax advantage to be had which will help to pay for your investment. You may also depreciate your wide format printer because it qualifies as a large piece of business capital. If you choose to sell it down the road and buy a replacement, you are permitted to deduct the cost as an office machine expenditure.

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