5 Reasons to Buy a Wide Format Printer for Your Construction Company

Modernization of Reprographic Printers

The construction business has many unique components that differ from other service businesses. These business opportunities often involve the printing of large plans or proposals. The cost of doing business skyrockets if the company has to outsource all of these printing projects so the way to maximize the profit is to print them in house.

The wide format printer is ideal for the construction company printing projects such as renderings and graphs. The printer also handles the requirements of CAD printing, banners and signs along with the business proposal and documents that are needed for the client and legal aspects of projects. Often the standard business printer cannot handle the rigors of the construction business.

The improvements in wide format printers are impressive as they can now produce images that are high quality. The renderings are clear and photos sharp. Clients will be satisfied with these materials and the additional costs savings as well.


Containing your printing needs in-house is just smart business practice in a construction company. The new wide format printers are easy to operate. They can print their work materials at a convenient time and can send the work orders from home or the job location is the time warrants this transmission. Paper size is a consideration for the construction business as renderings and CAD projects require the larger sheets of paper and not the standard 8x11 paper, which is used for documents. The wide format printer handles both with ease.


The new wide format printers are professional workhorses and are designed to handle a heavy use as a commercial printer. Since they run both day and night and many times constantly your company is able to maximize its use and expense while getting your required documents on time and printed out quickly and correctly.

There is a time saver to doing your printing in house as the need to go out to the print shop to pick up the printouts is gone. There is no need to communicate back and forth to the printer again saving time and expense but most importantly man-hours.

Print Your Own Marketing and Advertising Materials

No one knows your company as well as you do and the ability to print your own marketing and hand out materials is a convenience and cost savings. The wide format printer handles large posters and banners in a high-quality rendition that is suitable for a tradeshow or other company events. Changes can be made to previously printed banners without having to order from another company but can be produced in-house as needed.

Reap the Financial Benefits

Purchasing a wide format printer is cheaper in the long run for your construction business. The tax advantage of the capital expenditure alone helps to pay for the printer. Since it is a piece of equipment you are allowed to depreciate it. In the future, if you wish to sell it and buy new you can deduct the cost from your office machine expenditures just as you would the construction tools.

The accounts payable to the printing company took valuable time for the accounting department and the added interest and carrying charges can mount up as time goes on.  Someone in the office has to spend time negotiating the best deal from the printer each time an increase goes into effect.

All of this takes valuable man-hours away from doing another task and it is not necessary because the new wide format printers give just as good if not better products as the local print shop.

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