Benefits of Leasing a Copier

Today's copiers are a key component of any office's document management system; unlike their 1980s and 1990s counterparts, the modern versions of these versatile office machines are essentially computers that are able to print, fax and scan in addition to copying. As copiers have become more technological advanced, however, the costs associated this important piece of office equipment have also gone up. Many companies are leasing a copier rather than purchasing the equipment outright. If your firm is thinking about signing a lease for copier equipment, contact CES&R Printing Services to guarantee the most favorable lease terms. Keeping the following benefits of leasing a copier in mind will help guide your company to the correct decision.

Keep Up with Technology

Because copier technology is constantly improving, choosing to lease rather than buy a copier gives your company the option of upgrading to a newly-released and more advanced model during your lease period, ensuring that your employees have access to the best technology. Buying a copier places the burden of upgrading your equipment solely on your company's shoulders; leasing a copier gives your business the freedom to move to higher-end, technology-improved equipment at the end of every two- to three-year lease cycle.

No Need to Arrange Disposal with a Lease

Many companies think that they will be able to simply throw away an old copier, unaware of the long list of regulations regarding safe disposal of IT equipment that can make the process time-consuming and costly. When you choose to lease a copier, however, the burden of disposal passes to the rental company.

No Tied-Up Capital

Copier leases do not typically require down payments, leaving your company with no up-front costs. While buying a copier will tie up useful working capital, leasing allows you to save your company's free cash for other uses while making an affordable monthly payment on your copier lease.

Tax Advantages

Leasing office equipment can be very beneficial at tax time as monthly lease payments are typically deductible as a business expense on your company's tax return. These savings helps offset the cost of the lease, reducing the overall expense to your company.

Flexible Copier Leasing Terms

Copiers can be expensive, and pulling together enough capital to buy equipment outright can be difficult. For companies who are considering taking out a loan to finance a new copier purchase, leasing instead may be the right decision as leases typically offer more flexible terms with easier approval requirements than loans.

No Need to Pay for Repair Costs on Copier

When you choose to CES&R for your copier lease, you don't need to worry about any repair or maintenance costs. We will deliver all required copier consumables to you each month, including paper, ink, and toner. Furthermore, CES&R has a guaranteed response time of six hours or less on all service issues, ensuring that your company is never left wondering when a repair technician will arrive.

Contact CES&R to Learn About Our Commercial Copier Rentals

If you believe that leasing a copier in Utah may be the right choice for your business, contact CES&R's customer service representatives today to learn more about our copier lease programs.

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