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Wide Format Printers For Architects - Printers Wide Format in Utah - CES&R

5 Reasons Architecture Firms Should Invest in Wide Format Printers

  The business of architecture is unique in many regards. The combination of concept design, engineering, and science that goes into the craft, plus the demands of investors and developers who do not necessarily understand what architects do, can be a challenge. As client expectations, markets, and technology change- you need modern printing equipment that serves your needs, keeping you ahead of the competition, and keeping everyone on the same page. As the cost of...

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Benefits of Leasing a Copier

Today's copiers are a key component of any office's document management system; unlike their 1980s and 1990s counterparts, the modern versions of these versatile office machines are essentially computers that are able to print, fax and scan in addition to copying. As copiers have become more technological advanced, however, the costs associated this important piece of office equipment have also gone up. Many companies are leasing a copier rather than purchasing the equipment outright. If your...

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Multi Function Printer - Large Format Printing Services in Utah by CES&R

Tips to Choose the Right Large Format Printing Services

With so many different print applications handled by large format printing machines, choosing the perfect printer for your needs can take a bit of consideration. Since large format printers are often built for specific applications, you have to actively match your needs to the printer specifications to identify the best model for you. Otherwise, your printer purchase could end up falling short of the mark in the long run. You can avoid selecting the wrong...

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purchase printer for construction business

5 Reasons to Buy a Wide Format Printer for Your Construction Company

Modernization of Reprographic Printers The construction business has many unique components that differ from other service businesses. These business opportunities often involve the printing of large plans or proposals. The cost of doing business skyrockets if the company has to outsource all of these printing projects so the way to maximize the profit is to print them in house. The wide format printer is ideal for the construction company printing projects such as renderings and...

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Easy Printer Leasing from CES&R

7 Benefits of Leasing a Printer from CES&R

Is it Better to Lease a Printer or Buy One? While some might think buying is always the better option, leasing a printer can be advantageous to the savvy consumer. If you're looking for printing equipment, doing your homework first is essential — especially if you're trying to decide between leasing or buying a printer. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you get started. 1. Leasing a Printer Frees Up Working Capital Printer...

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Open House

CES&R is presenting a showcase of printing machines from leading manufactures such as Kip, Canon and Kyocera. The open house will be held over the course of two days, December 9th and 10th; and the doors will be open from 9:00AM - 4:00PM each day. CES&R will be featuring our new high speed LED color toner print technology. At the event we will provide drinks, snacks, and an hourly raffle where you will have the chance to win...

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