Buy a Commercial Printer in Utah

CES&R has an excellent selection of Canon, KIP, Copystar and Seiko Teriostar commercial printers for sale in Utah. Our wide range of commercial grade printers are ideal for everyone from builders, architects, designers, and Utah marketing companies.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Shopping for a Commercial Printer
1 Do you need to print in color, black and white only, not sure
2 How many printers do you need? One or multiple
3 What is your estimated copy volume?
i. Low volume (Less than 3,000 copies / mo.)
ii. Medium volume (3,000-10,000 copies / mo.)
iii. High volume (10,000-30,000 copies / mo.)
iv. Very high volume (30,000+ copies / mo.)
4 What type of paper do you need your commercial copier to handle?

CES&R Printing Services has a commercial printer for sale to accommodate your needs! Whether your Utah business needs a wide format printer to help you create your own products without having to outsource, or a plotter to create high-quality graphs, CES&R can help you choose the commercial printer that’s right for you. Call us today!

Wide Format Printers for Sale in Utah

Wide format printers can support a maximum print roll width of between 18 and 100 inches. These printers typically use a type of inkjet technology to produce printed images and are much more economical than other printing methods. Wide format printers help improve the impact of your presentations while increasing your productivity and lowering your costs. Posters, displays, floor and tradeshow graphics, reproductions, real estate signage, and window displays all look even more stunning with the help of a wide format printer.

These printers are typically used to create larger printed products since they can handle wide print rolls. Wide format printers print images onto a roll of print media which feeds incrementally during the print process, instead of directly onto individual sheets. Wide format printers work by taking regular, glossy paper, or even vinyl, to make posters and sign. The ink is applied right to the paper, creating the final product. No outside advertising firms are necessary, saving businesses time, money and effort.

Plotter Printers for Sale in Utah

Plotters are essential for those who create high-quality graphics; in fact, they are a better fit than wide format printers in this case. Plotters are used when making line drawings of graphs; the automated pens on the plotter create diagrams and images. Businesses can choose a plotter in black and white or multi-color. They can be used to print images up to 6 feet wide. Generally, they are used by engineers and architects to print technical drawings. However, plotters are a bit more expensive than wide format printers, so unless a business needs to create detailed, specific graphs, wide format printers are usually the best choice, as they are more cost-effective.

Buy a Commercial Printer in Utah from CES&R Printing Services

When you buy a commercial printer from CES&R Printing Services you’ll also get support from our team of well-informed large format printing experts. We have expert sales, service and support teams dedicated to the wide format printing market to help you meet your current business needs and to provide professional support to help meet your future goals as well. We have all of the commercial printing solutions you need! Call us at 855-608-2377 and we’ll help you shop for a commercial printer that’s right for you.

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