At CES&R Printing Service, we pride ourselves on providing Utah with fast, efficient and cost-effective printing options. We offer quality, high-volume postcard printing with several quantity, size, color and material options to choose from to make sure your postcards are unforgettable. Contact us today to get started!

Postcard Size Options

You can choose how to best make your message stand out with a variety of assorted postcard sizes. CES&R Printing Service offers the following wide variety of postcard size options:

  • 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 – classic-sized postcard for sales promotion or service reminders.
  • 25 x 5.5 - this compact postcard is memorable and easy to put in a purse or wallet.
  • 4 x 9 - used for rack card displays to provide to foot-traffic customers like shoppers and tourists.
  • 5 x 8.5 - can be used as handy mini information sheets or product tags.
  • 5 x 11 - handbill-sized postcards can be used like a flyer to increase brand or product awareness.
  • 6 x 11 - this oversized option definitely makes a lasting impression to advertise big announcements.

Ideal Promotions for Postcard Printing

Direct mail advertising to promote your business is a highly effective way to reach out to loyal customers and potential new customers. High volume postcard printing is a simple, yet powerful way to put your message directly in your customer's hands. From product promotion to sales events and announcements; custom postcards are an easy and cost-effective way to advertise and provide information at a glance. Here are just a few promotion ideas to help you reach out, spread the word and share information on promotional postcards:

Offer a Discount

A discount or sales event announcement postcard is a key marketing strategy for businesses like salons, restaurants or specialty boutiques that mostly rely on walk-in customers. Offer a redeemable discount with a full color, quality postcard to hand out in-store or for a mailing campaign to directly solicit new and repeat business.

Creative Promo

Reaching prospective clients can be challenging for creative professionals like designers, photographers or artists. High-quality, full-color postcards with a memorable image or collage can be extremely effective to hand out or mail in a portfolio series for your marketing campaign. CES&R Printing Service will work with you to design a postcard to showcase your original artwork.

Local Service Promotion

Service-related professionals understand that promoting your business locally is vital. Even with a small budget, you can make a big impression with an affordable postcard marketing campaign. Real estate agents can advertise new listings, healthcare providers can remind patients to make an appointment and home maintenance pros can remind property owners about seasonal upkeep.

Customized Personal Announcements

Whether you are announcing a special event like your wedding, a reunion or welcoming a new baby to the family, postcards are the perfect way to creatively spread the word. Your custom announcements or invitations printed on premium, full-color postcards can be creative, funny, cute or elegant - the possibilities are endless!

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