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Men Checking PrintMost of us come across oversize printing on a daily basis without fully realizing the impact it has. Generally, we see it in the form of signs or banners, but for those in certain niches of the working world, oversize printing plays a large role in day-to-day operations. Large format prints create concise, eye-catching focal points for business or personal events. For something that noticeable, only the best will do.

What is Oversized Printing?

Oversized printing seems straightforward enough: it's what produces the large format prints that make up signs, banners, posters, etc. However, oversized printing can also be applied to oversize engineering prints or architectural plans. Basically, anything that a) needs to be printed in a large format and b) can’t be done by your average printer qualifies as an oversize print. For those in a business frame of mind, oversize prints are used as a way to put bids together for a job, as tools to help get that job done, and as advertising to help build your business. For those with personal intentions, these prints are great for making a statement.

Oversized Print Services at CES&R

If you choose to have your oversized prints done by CES&R, there are certain services and abilities that you can count on from us. First of all, we are able to copy a variety of media while avoiding damage to the originals by using scan-to-print technology. Secondly, our printers have enlargement and reduction capability. This way, we can print nearly anything you have in mind in any necessary format, and most importantly, our copies will not fade. We can give you quality, lasting prints in a timely manner. In fact, we are so confident in our efficiency that we offer same-day service on most jobs.

A closer look at our oversize printers will show you other desirable elements and specifications that ensure our printers offer quality large format prints:

  • Capable of over 4.000 “D” size prints per hour
  • Can handle originals up to ½” thick
  • 400 DPI scan output
  • Large document scanning from 200 DPI to 400 DPI resolution, and small document color scanning to 600 x 1200 DPI
  • Raster and vector formats are available. If you are unsure, feel free to ask a sales representative for details on the exact file formats supported.

Oversized Custom Prints: Bigger is Better…

Anyone can stretch out a clipart image across inkjet printer paper to make a flyer. They can run their designs on a copier at the office to make information packets. But who would look at something like that and be deeply impressed? You want people to notice your business and appreciate your work based on the eye-catching design and polished, professional look it exudes. You want your hard work to elicit a certain response from those that see it, that visceral reaction that tells them they can’t continue without your product or service, that they can’t walk by without seeing who you are.

CES&R is here to provide you cost-effective services in an efficient manner, whether it is an oversized print job, high volume printing jobs, color printing, or even buying or leasing a printer of your own. Contact us today to learn more about these services, and more.

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